Participants in Multicultural and Diversity workshops for the American Dance Therapy Association annual conference


“You’re great-sweet-free in a warm way to express controversial ideas!”

“I discovered myself in a different way.”

“Angela did an excellent job with her presentational style and content. I look forward to any future presentations! Praises!”

“Great, warm, skillful, experienced, articulate and down to earth. A wonderful presenter with soul.”

“Angela is fabulous, knowledgeable and generous in sharing.”

“Angela set a clear tone of safety and intimacy through her relaxed, kind, sensitive, open and knowledgeable presence/manner.”

“Angela’s calm, non-judgmental, brilliance characterized a substantial workshop.”

Corporate Wellness Healthy Workplace Training Participants

“The way Angela engaged the group was wonderful, thank you!”

“It was a great meeting, I most liked Angela’s personality, she’s easy to talk to.”

“The seminar was very interesting and valid…it gave me a lot to think about.”

“Angela gave real life informative examples that helped me learn more about myself.”

“The discussion was just lovely!”

“I appreciated Angela’s obvious level of comfort and openness.”

“I found areas where I can improve.”

“Thank you for having this training, I don’t think people realize how important communication is in our profession.”

“I learned new information and skills to help me professionally and personally.”

“Angela was knowledgeable and easy to follow.”

“The group work was fun and pulled everyone out of their shells.”

 Colleagues, clients and students feedback

 “I lost my son in 2007 and I couldn’t get myself together no matter how hard I tried. So my husband called her and she worked with me through that situation. She is a great listener, very good advisor, and very patient. She always finds a solution. Thank you Miss Grayson!”

–L. West

“Angela is a bright, adventurist, and intelligent spirit and she brings all these qualities to any endeavor or relationship she touches. I have worked closely with her for the past four years and she is self-aware and inspired. Many clinicians have been taught or believe that the therapeutic relationship is only to help the client examine their selves and to help them become more self-aware; however progressive thinkers and “feelers” like Angela know that we cannot teach or model what we are not willing to undergo ourselves. My work with Angela on the many committees in which we serve is so enjoyable because she is so willing to take feedback from others and to examine herself openly and honestly. I am sure her clients also can feel and appreciates that she has this depth of character in her relationships with them as well.”

-L. M. Jenkins-Hayden

“I worked with Angela at my internship site from 2003-2004. She was a great mentor and helped me build up my professional identity. We led groups together, and after the groups, she always attended to my observations and group formulations. At the same time, she challenged me on various perspectives. Such training enhanced the integration of theory and practice. Angela is a visionary; she has powerful warmth and strength when working with people. She’s supportive and inspiring. I highly recommended her in the service of mental health professions.”

-A. Yang

“Angela is the kind of person you want to have on your team. Over the past 5 years of working together she has maintained a positive attitude, natural leadership qualities, and is excellent at what she does. I cherish the opportunities she offers peer support and I continue to learn from the example she sets daily.”

-D. Vaughn

“One of the few people I can honestly call friend. Words cannot describe how much her friendship has meant to me over the 28 years that I have known her. She is loyal, Humble and has a smile that will not only light up a room but will warm your heart and have you laughing even when your upset. A beautiful human being who I am honored to know and recommend personally and professionally!!”

-A. Walker

“Angela is an outstanding student who takes pride in what she does. Her work ethic is impeccable and she has good moral standards for life. It is a pleasure knowing and studying with Angela. I am proud to call her friend.”

-M. Dawson, Ph.D.

“It has been my pleasure to be in many seminars with Angela M Grayson during our graduate studies at Saybrook University. We share a strong focus on cultural competency and race, gender class concerns. Angela is always articulate, focused, and supporting her comments with examples from her academic and practical experience. She is also a strong community builder, initiating conversations and emails with students she may not already know well, and being supportive of them. Many do not bother. I am honored to be her colleague and friend.”

-F. Schwab

“I was a fellow doctoral student with Angela at Saybrook Graduate School. I have known Angela for over six years. She is a knowledgeable, compassionate, ethical, and a dedicated person doing tremendous work helping people of all ages, advantaged and disadvantaged people. Angela is a team player and always willing to try new innovative ideas. She grasps quickly and comes prepared to share her expertise. She actively assists in developing and implementing goals for her team and her clients. I was assured that we had synergistic values. It was exciting to learn that our purpose was aligned in that we were both determined to reach out to those less fortunate in society. Not only were our values similar, our work ethics seemed to mirror each other. She had more depth and scope because she had early on attained the educational acumen to support her theories and analysis. I would recommend her to any organization which values the qualities she possesses.”

-J. Thompson

“You have been a great help to my family in various areas and I want you to know that it will not be forgotten. Be blessed and any time I have the opportunity to refer anyone to you I certainly will not hesitate.”

-S. Richmond

Methadone Maintenance Residential Rehab Group at a metropolitan behavioral health hospital

“I think movement therapy is a chance to get out frustration or aggression. It’s a chance to release relaxing, positive energy. Whatever energy you’re releasing is usually in conjunction with the type of music one is playing (i.e. Ozzy Osbourne – aggression, Will Smith – dance, light jazz – light relaxed mood).”

-Rick P

“Movement therapy – the combined art of sound and expression thru the energetic and kinetic flow of energy that is naturally stored in the heart, soul and spirit.”

-Rick P

“Movement therapy is an opportunity to express yourself by moving your body, and releasing tension, stress, and anger at the same time, allowing you to get through the rest of the week somewhat peaceful.”


“Movement gives expression to what we carry around inside of us…emotions, love, anger, fear, etc.”

“Movement is freedom and positive energy with satisfaction.”

“Peace, poise, release, fun, neat.”

“Freedom to express emotions”

“It is the group to let you move your body anyway you feel!! Freedom”

“Movement therapy is peace of mind, body, and spirit, getting in touch with your body, setting your mind free and cleansing the spirit.”