Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions


Angela M Grayson

(photo courtesy of Aetna Healthcare)


What is Good Fruit Expressive Arts Counseling & Psychotherapy LLC?

Good Fruit Expressive Arts Counseling & Psychotherapy LLC is a mental health and wellness practice that focuses on reducing stress and creating a holistic mental, physical and spiritual life balance through therapeutic expressive arts. My belief is everyone has potential for good no matter how bad life may seem. My expressive arts therapies approach includes the therapeutic use of dance/movement, art, music, and poetry (no experience or training necessary) to help you achieve the ultimate breakthrough. It is through the creative process that revelation, clarity and resolution are often revealed and this lends as a bridge between verbal and nonverbal as well as conscious and unconscious patterns and ways of being.

How much experience do you have? How did you determine your career path?

I have worked in the mental health field in community mental health organizations, behavioral health hospitals and addictions treatment centers since 1994 after completing my undergraduate training in psychology. I have always had a passion for helping those who suffer mentally and emotionally with my unique ability to make every client feel “normal” and unique in their own right. I have worked in inpatient psychiatric services, outpatient services, residential addictions treatment services and mental health group home services as a clinician, supervisor and director. In my personal life I have always loved to dance and choreograph routines with friends for fun and competition. My love for psychology and dance were united when I learned about the dance/movement therapy profession which led to my path in pursuing a graduate degree in creative arts therapy.

During this time I had also begun devoting my passion for dance to God as a spiritual offering in the liturgical worship arts ministry. While participating in a worship arts conference in the Bahamas in 2000 I heard a whisper in my spirit that simply said “Good Fruit.” Not knowing what to make of this, I immediately began to research scriptures about good fruit and settled that God was telling me that people either bear good fruit or bad fruit and are known by the fruit (deeds/works) that they produce. Once again this sparked my passion for using the therapeutic arts to help heal mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually and Good Fruit Expressive Arts was born.

The company organized in 2001 on a part-time basis while I completed graduate school then worked full-time as a dance/movement therapist. However, after being laid off from full-time employment in 2011 Good Fruit Expressive Arts Counseling & Psychotherapy became a full-time  private practice with a mission to incorporate the creative expressive arts into the therapeutic process. It has been my experience that natural creative ability gets lost in the busyness of life but it is the key to unlocking unlimited potential in living a more successful and meaningful life. Therefore, the company motto has become, “cultivating creativity to help you reduce stress, improve health and increase success!”

What services do you provide?

I specialize in helping management level professionals to reduce stress and avoid burnout by developing creative expressive systems to maintain a healthier life balance. A unique blend of verbal and nonverbal counseling, psychotherapy and coaching is provided by incorporating the expressive arts therapies of dance/movement, art, music and expressive writing to maximize potential.

What are your specialties?

My overall clinical focus, expertise and education includes Humanistic and Transpersonal Psychology, Creative Arts Therapy and Stress Management. In laymen’s terms services are tailored to the whole person (not just symptoms) and draw from intellectual, interpersonal, emotional and spiritual experiences to develop effective creative techniques and interventions. An action plan will be developed based on the primary problem, how it impacts your life and what systems can be implemented to address the problem.

Who are your clients?

My clients include management level professionals who are always giving, feel tired, stressed out, burned out and have a poor work/life balance because they don’t take time for themselves to replenish. This would include corporate CEOs, entrepreneurs, hospital administrators, church officials, government employees and those seeking life/work balance or going through a life transition. See client Reviews on the website at

Clients that have received Expressive Arts Breakthroughs include

  • Banking Executives
  • University Administrators
  • Human Resources Managers
  • Consultants
  • Accountants
  • Engineers
  • Nurse Managers
  • Life Coaches
  • Marketing Consultants
  • Social Workers
  • Photographers
  • Attorneys
  • Professional Organizers
  • Addictions Counselors
  • Authors/Speakers
  • Personal Trainers
  • New and Seasoned Entrepreneurs
  • Draftspersons/Interior Designers
  • Military Personnel

Do you take insurance?

Yes, limited insurance plans are accepted.  Please see the website for the current list.

What is your average fee?

Fees are comparable to value and benefit of service for individual, group and corporate clients.

Do you have evening hours

Yes, extended office hours are offered two nights per week.

What type of person do you work best with?

I work best with a person who is open minded, ready to change unhealthy habits, willing to take positive risks, motivated and solution focused.

What type of person would your program not work for?

My program will likely not work for a person who is unwilling to explore alternative ways of thinking and expressing himself or herself.

Can you help me?

A therapeutic partnership agreement will be developed with you to explore various creative expressive solutions to your problems but there is no guarantee of specific results.

How long will it take before I see results?

That is determined by your level of commitment, investment and willingness to change. It is not the intention to tell you how to live but to support and suggest healthier alternatives.

What makes you different? Why should I choose you versus someone else?

My services are tailored specifically for your needs within the scope of services provided. It is vitally important that you feel safe, provide honest responses and trust the therapeutic process. The therapeutic relationship is most important to me in developing a successful creative action plan unique to your needs. The creative action plan is a tool to help you view your problem from a different perspective that incorporates the expressive arts therapies of dance/movement, art, music and expressive writing. You will be lead in a series of tasks to help you develop or unblock more creative flow so that you attain optimal results.

How do I get started?

Call the office toll free at 888/440-2712 to schedule a Discovery Session to determine if this is the right practice for you.

Do you offer professional seminars?

I provide professional speaking through keynote speeches, professional development workshops, and breakout sessions for business leaders, educational institutes and healthcare industries. My Signature speaking topics focus on creativity in business, creative stress management, multicultural and diversity empowerment, leadership development and communication.

What are the options for working with you?

Appointments are available in person, by phone or virtual (Skype or Oovoo).  Customized services are offered through Expressive Arts Breakthrough Strategy Sessions, Intensive VIP Expressive Arts Breakthrough Strategy Days (Live or Virtual), Small Group Expressive Arts Intensives or one of the package options.