Your Mental Well-Being is What Matters to Us

angelateamaboutGood Fruit Expressive Arts Counseling and Psychotherapy, LLC evolved out of the belief that everyone is born with goodness. Since 2003, Founder and CEO Angela M Grayson has made it her mission to help people re-connect with their personal and professional “goodness” by pinpointing opportunities for growth and progression in what may feel like hard times.

Threats to our “goodness” occur as a result of our life experiences and exposure therefore causing us to think, feel, and behave negatively. These negative experiences help shape our view of the world around us and influence how we survive. However, due to our desire to be loved and accepted we continually desire a healthy and happy life full of love, support, joy, and peace.

Our practice focuses on you, the individual, as a living, creative expressive being connected and intertwined with other living, creative expressive beings which is based on Humanistic and African-centered psychological perspectives. Humanistic thought places value on the good qualities of being human while African-centered thought places value on being connected as one universal “family” community. We believe in the concept of “community” and helping each person use their personal and professional strengths to better themselves and those around them (family community).

Our professionally-trained staff is happy to welcome you to our practice. You’ll find our office hours and other important information and services provided by clicking the links under the About section above.