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Feeling stressed, overwhelmed or under appreciated? Feeling like there’s never enough time to accomplish your goals or catch your breath? Giving all that you have to others until there’s nothing left for you?

If you would like to experience life from an enlightened and empowered perspective, then this is the site for you. Good Fruit Expressive Arts is a counseling and creative arts psychotherapy practice that specializes in using creative techniques to promote healing, wholeness, and personal growth. We empower those who take care of others to better take care of themselves by tapping into their unique creative qualities to reduce stress and increase vitality.

About Us

We put great value on personal relationships and work in partnership with you to help put the pieces back together by developing the best plan of action to maximize potential and sustainable results. Our goal is to get you implementing, not just planning for a better quality of life. All sessions and workshops are grounded in theory, technique, and practice to produce noticeable, progressive results in a spiritually and culturally sensitive manner. More…

Mission Statement

To enhance the quality of life through verbal and nonverbal creative expression, as well as, educate, support and provide opportunities for transformation of self along a spiritual journey of healing and wholeness.

Our Range of Services

We provide coaching, counseling, psychotherapy, and professional training that is tailored for individuals, groups, and organizations. We also provide facilitation for business and personal retreats, business sessions, and conference workshops.

Our dedicated and professionally trained staff offer a range of creative and therapeutic services to suit your needs. Here, you can find out about all of the services we provide. More…

verified by Psychology Today

verified by Psychology Today